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July 20, 2010 @ 11:46 pm


Day 12

Today we went to visit a church in bugasera. We stepped off the bus to find a beautiful church building, in the middle of the bugasera district, which serves three communities. Before the service started we took the time to go and visit some plants that had been planted in a field by a previous comfort Rwanda team. One of the original planters (archie) was telling us the the plants were orginally tiny. The plants were now huge... Bigger than archie (though that's not saying too much!). The most glorious thing though was that they were bearing fruit. These plants, planted by a previous group, were providing exactly the aid that they were meant to, and exactly the aid that was despirately needed! It was wonderful to see the efforts of the previous group were bearing fruit, and to think that the actions of our group will produce such despirately needed fruit.

After we had seen the fields we returned to the church and the service began. Again, the service was one of vibrance and worship. The people welcomed us warmly and praised God richly. The service lasted 4 hrs! Archie preached about Christ - who is our atoning sacrifice and interceeds on our behalf. 1 john 2:1-6. When the service ended we were offered drinks and time to mix with the rwandans.

After we had finished at the church we went to visit comfort village. Comfort village is a village that has been built up over the last few years by donations, from individuals and groups, to build houses for the community. Each of the houses is made of stone and cement and cost £6000 to make. The residents are charged with the care of the property, but are not charged any rent. Solace are in control of the project and established that the greatest need in the community was to build houses.

After our visit to comfort village we visited the genocide memorial in bugasera. This was a church (probably smaller than chryston church hall) where around 5000 Tutsis took shelter during the genocide. The Hutu forces surrounded the church and invaded. They killed almost everyone inside the church in many different and horrific ways. The things that they did are too horrible to mention here. The Hutus slaughtered the tutsis that had taken refuge there. Only 10 of the 5000 survived. Those 10 only survived because they were hidden underneath the dead. The church was still filled with the clothes of those who died there. The church also contained the tomb of a girl who was violently gang raped, then murdered. Outside the church was a memorial to a nun who had tried to warn the outside world that the genocide was taking place. In the grounds of the church were tombs containing the bones of all those killed in the area during the genocide.  The entire team were emotionally devistated to see these things and hear these stories. We sat, as a group, heads in our hands feeling such sorrow. The question on everyones mind was "how could these things be allowed to happen?"

God answered this question for me. He told me that we had fallen so far because of sin. He told me that, while we are a people who seek to know Christ and become like him, the people who did these things did not know him and had turned in the opposite direction. He also told me of the need to spread the name of Christ all over the world. We must lift the name of Christ high, that all may come to know him, all may come to seek him and all may become like him. Only then will these things be gone.

After the trip to the genocide memorial we all went to safari's house for lunch/dinner. We spent some much needed time in fellowship, eating, talking and worshipping God. This simple time of worship was such a juxtaposition from the genocide memorial. It showed us that, while there is such sorrow in the past, the people of Rwanda are letting the sorrow leave them and embracing the joy of the lord. Alleluia!

Please pray for the teams last day together. Please pray that it would be a good time of fellowship, that the friendships would remain when we leave and that people would carry what they have learned home and that it would change their hearts.

Comfort Rwanda team.

Chryston Parish Church
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