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July 18, 2010 @ 8:44 pm

Friends of Jesus!

Day 11

Today we were working with some of the kids from friends of Jesus to machete the over growth that was on the site where the college will be built.  (did that make sense?) I think quite a few of the guys had really been looking forward to the chance to do this - just a chance to use machettes and hack at some over growth... What's not to love?

Unfortunately at breakfast quite a few of the team (myself included) were not feeling very well. After some prayer (thanks David), some paracetomol and a whole lot of water we set out in the hope that we would be ok.

We arrived at about 10:30 and got started hacking away in pairs - one cutting and the other watching that there was no danger to anyone else. It was good fun, but hard work. We made sure that we were switching positions regularly so that we didn't get too tired.  It felt good to be using our energy to do something really simple, but really helpful. The bus left us there and went to collect the friends of Jesus who were going to help us.

When the friends of Jesus arrived they spread out through the groups and started taking turns to cut. The friends of Jesus were very good at cutting the over growth and made their way through large parts of it fairly well. We had some good chats with some of them, while others cut, and then we switched places. After a couple of hours work, we had cut a down a big section of over growth and decided it was lunch time. We all climbed onto the bus, took the friends of Jesus back to the church, and headed into Kigali for lunch.

After lunch we returned to the church to meet up with the friends of Jesus. We spent some time with them there, playing games, singing songs, organising stuff and generally having a good time with them. After a few hours we returned to the hotel. For the first time on the trip we had an opportunity to go swimming and a few of us made the most of it. The pool was freezing, but it was just lovely to relax and swim.

The rest of the day was spent having dinner, reflecting on the day and relaxing.  At reflections we considered the insanity of the whole trip. We thought about the things we keep seeing, and that they don't seem to be people acting normally. You would think that when someone does something horrific to you, the normal reaction is to hate them... So why is it that we keep seeing people forgiving one another?

Please pray that we all keep our energy up and continue to learn over the last few days.

Comfort Rwanda team

Chryston Parish Church
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