Chryston Parish Church


June 29, 2010 @ 10:38 pm

Glenshee Tuesday

Well today saw a day of gorge-walking, raft building, ropes and ponder projects (morning thoughts)!!

Dave and Garry were loving the raft building/slash swimming in the pond and getting the kids soaking too.  Gordon and Julie had a blast convincing the kids to look out for the wild haggis' whilst walking up the gorge.

The leaders are surprisingly still alive and semi-alert.  The kids are fantastic - very hungry to learn more about God and thirsty for knowledge and answers to their questions.

We have been looking at the characteristics of God and Moses and how we should be living as Christians.  The kids are mature for their age and are taking the Dig Deeper grouptimes seriously.

Pray for a few kids who have put up barriers against "religion"... we are starting to see these barriers come down.

Anyway, now that the kids are asleep (we hope!) I better go for a late night game of basketball with the leaders.

Chryston Parish Church
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