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July 17, 2010 @ 7:33 am

HeaLing and reconsiliation group day 1

Day 9

After a good sleep, a good breakfast and a great wash, the team are now feeling refreshed and restored. After breakfast we set off to visit the healing and reconsiliation project. This is a project run by pastor Paul between perpatrators and victims of the genocide. At the project the victims and the perpatrators work together to rebuild houses destroyed by the genocide.

At the project, the team got involved in helping to build two of the houses. Some of us were stomping mud, others carrying the mud into the house and some of us throwing mud against the Walls. It was great fun! After we had helped for a short time, we cleaned ourselves off and listened to the testimonies of those involved in building the house. The victim had suffered the loss of her entire family (10 kids & all her brothers and sisters) leaving only her two grandsons alive. The perpatrator had been one of the group involved in murdering her family. Yet here the two were reconsiled with one another, forgiving one another, and working together to rebuild both her house and the community. It was simply amazing! To see such forgiveness. Such an amazing ability to leave the hurt at the cross and move on. The work of God is truly amazing!

After we had worked on the houses, we had lauch and then attended two outreach services. The first of which was held in a garden outside a public hall, the second was held in a church. Graeme was preaching at both services and spoke about the restoration of peter. He spoke fairly powerfully, saying that Jesus was asking a simple question to everyone "do you love me?" At the end of each sermon Graeme asked if anyone could hear Jesus speaking to them, and if they did asked them to raise their hands if they wanted pastor Paul to pray for them, that they would come to know the healing and forgiving power of the cross. At the end of both services, people raised their hands. Through the power of God working in those places, people were saved.

It was amazing to see the power of God at work in those places... To see what God is doing there, the rebuilding of communities, the reconsiliation. The forgiveness! Amazing! Our God is an awesome God.

At reflections Paul and conner both told us they had been extremely moved by what had been said and the sermons in the two churches. I spoke to paul and suggested to him that he speak to someone he trusts in the group about how to become a Christian, and what it means to be a Christian. I also said to him that although he perhaps wasn't ready to become a Christian it would still be good for him to know.

Can you please pray for the people in the healing and reconsiliation project who heard me preach and were touch by it. Could you please pray that they continue to hear God's call on their life, that they know the healing power of the cross and come to know God. Can you also continue to pray for Paul, conner and the rest of the team that the friendship and fellowship would remain strong.

Amen Comfort rwanda team

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