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July 21, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

Last day

Day 13

Today was the final day in Rwanda. The trip seems to have gone so quickly but I think we ate all completely shattered from it.

Today we went to visit a group of genocide survivors in Ruhuha (yes... I did make that spelling up! I'm sorry!) When we arrived in Ruhuha, we again went to visit some more plants that a previous group had planted for the community. As with yesterday, it was wonderful to see the fruit coming to bear from previous work done by comfort Rwanda groups. It gave us such a feeling of hope for the work that we have been doing over here in the last 2 weeks. We then attended a service in which we were welcomed warmly, told stories by various survivors and invited to preach to them. David was preaching about Jeremiah 29:11... God having plans for our lives. After his sermon, craig gave his testimony speaking about how God has been working in his life, even though craig didn't believe in God all of the time, God was still working to draw Craig in. After David and craig had spoken one of the Rwandans spoke and said that he believed the survival of that community was evidence that God exists. He believes that if God did not exist, and if God had not been watching over rthem, then they would have been wiped out.

After church we had a quick football game - Scotland vs Rwanda. There were about 6 scots vs about 15 rwandans. Scotland won 5-4! And graeme managed to fall over again!

After the game of football we went to visit a girl who had been orphaned by the genocide. She was the oldest of 3 siblings and raised money by ploughing her neighbours gardens. She told us that by doing this she made around 60 pence a day, which she despirately needed to support her family. She also told us that she would love to get into sewing, but she wasn't able to afford to do the training. Sewing would be a far more lucrative job and really help her to support her family.

After this home visit, we returned to solace so that the group who are leaving tonight could get some chance to pack before going to pastor paul's house for dinner. By the time we got back to solace, we had about 45 mins to pack, and shower, before going to dinner. Gotta love a challenge! When we did arrive at pastor paul's house we were very tight for time for us to eat and then get back and get to the airport. We had some good time of fellowship, some music, some great food but sadly it was cut short by our need to get to the airport. Pastor Paul said a final farewell to us, in which he said that the important thing was that we came. Rwanda needs people to come, to see what has happened, to help them move on, to see the hope there is in Christ and to spread the word of Christ throughout the land. That was our most important function, that we saw what had happened, and we saw how people were moving on.

We did, thankfully, make it to the airport in time for out 1am flightly leaving Kigali. Now all that remains is the epic flight back. Fun.

Can you please pray for put safe travel home and the second group, who have tomorrow in Rwanda, and fly out on Wednesday morning at 3am

Thank you Comfort Rwanda team

Chryston Parish Church
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